Saturday, January 1, 2011


As I was walking this morning I felt an overwhelming sense of disappointment at the lack of progress I've made over the past six months. On my birthday I decided to start making healthier lifestyle choices. I began cutting back on carbs and walking. I feel good about the choices I've made, and I didn't beat myself up when I ate a bite of a sugar cookie over the holidays. My disappointment stems from the fact that I haven't lost any weight, nothing. I believe my inability to lose weight stems from my PCOS. Two months before I started my "diet" I had a doctor tell me that all I needed to do was eat less calories than I expended. Well, I guess I proved him wrong. I won't stop walking and I will continue to make healthier choices in the food that I eat, but I have to lose weight.

As for my New Year's Resolution, I want to become more organized. I'm afraid to open a closet or cabinet because I randomly put thing away just to get them out of my site. I am so disorganized that I can't even keep appointments on my calendar straight. I'm surprised that I made it through the holidays. Christmas dinner was late, because I did remember to put the chicken in the oven on time. I don't really have a plan yet, but I assure you I will get organized.

What are you new year resolutions?


Anonymous said...

I think you should give yourself credit for discipline and continuing to walk and stay on track with your choices. Rejoyce in the fact you didn't gain any weight. I'll bet if you hadn't been on this path you might have gained. I have read a few books about different foods and how they affect our bodies as well as how our individual metabolism reacts to different foods. What I NEED to do that might help you too is to keep a food diary. I have learned over the past that there are certain foods that I can smell and I gain weight (friench fries and ice cream) and other foods seem to work wonders ( green salad with lunch an dinner. I am also learning that certain combinations of foods can have a dramatic effect on our metabolism. Habits also play a part for me such as NOT eating before I go to bed and avoiding alcohol. Be kind to yourself. You have a medical condition that adds a certain amount of challenge to you quest that may not fit the dr.'s advice of "eat less...exercise more." With your knowledge of produce and healthy food choices I am sure you just haven't found the right combination for yourself yet. If anyone can figure this one out, you are the one Mary! Good luck, I know you can do it

Anonymous said...

You will prob have to keep the carbs extremely low at first to see results like aiming for 25 a day or a little more. It's not easy but I bet u will see results especially the first week."

jayedee said...

sweetie, the only thing you HAVE to do is stop beating yourself up! you've made healthy choices for yourself and your family. that's HUGE! and it's also something many many people cannot or will not do.
you are full of love and compassion.
you care about the world you live in.
you're a great wife and mom.

from where i sit, you look pretty dadgum good!

Anonymous said...

"Hey Marye, I was going to suggest a food diary as well. Another lesson that I learned is not to go too low on the carbs as that can actually cause other problems in the long run that will hurt your chances of losing weight. Something that I do is to make sure that I always eat carbs with a protein and I try to keep carbs between 30 to 60g for meals and 15 to 30g for snacks. Also, I try to stay away from "fake" foods like margarine, splenda, etc. I eat the real stuff - just not as much of it. I do not have PCOS, but I do have other endocrine problems that make life fun! Good luck,

Anonymous said...

hey hun, I've tweeted you as well but how about you come over and check out My Fitness pal, it's what I'm using and yes it is calorie counting but it's extremely user friendly, I'm loving it!

You can do this and you're already doing so awesome!

As for Resolutions, you probably already know I'm doing Day Zero but I have also made a few resolutions as well, mainly to speak up when people hurt me and not hide things away!

MusingMom6 said...

I was told that this was my problem also. I have the weight issues and it is frustrating. We invested in a Wii this year and we are all going to do the fitness games. I really hope it works. I'm not horribly overweight, but any # loss would be great!

Anonymous said...

I'm Ellie a new follower to your blog from the Blogelina Clan. I also have had years of weight issues and kept "going on diets". I didn't really get motivated though until they told me I had diabetes. I gave up carbs and have lost about 60lbs. Don't wait until you HAVE to loose weight, just work on it a day at a time. Good Luck.

Please stop by and follow back :-)


Smart Moms Saving Money said...

Hi Marye,
Sounds like your doing well to me. I know your not seeing the scale move, but if you only took one bite of a sugar cookie for the holidays your my hero! Wow! That's amazing, to me it's even Saint like. I LOVE Sugar, I only wish it loved me back.
Speaking of sugar, I just seen this guy, Jorge Cruise on The Rachel Ray Show, Monday. He wrote a book, named, "The Belly Fat Cure." He lost about 25lbs himself and has helped others too. He says, we are all addicted to sugar and we don't need to be a slave to counting calories and fat, as long as we count Sugar intake, no more then 17 a day and have at least 6 carbs servings a day. There are also a lot of foods that have a high natural sugar content, which we shouldn't have much of. Apples and bananas are high in sugar, and so is instant oat meal. Jorge, over looked a ladies weekly food to see why she stopped losing and it was those foods along with the crackers she picked that were hurting her. I am going to try and get his book, because I know I have a sugar problem. Another thing, I don't fully understand why yet, but they also say diet drinks are bad for us too, they seem to make us fatter. Any fake sugar is bad.
I hope this helps you and anybody else that reads it.
Marye, I like your blog, it's a very nice blog, I seen your blog while I was looking around on Blogina I never joined yet, but I do plan on it. Marye, we seem to have a lot in common,d I am struggling with the same exact things as you getting things in order and losing weight. I need to lose about 25lbs. I'd love to keep in touch, please come by and visit me. We can even exchange links, if you like, that goes for anybody who is interested as long as it's family friendly. Good luck, with all your goals,Marye, I wish you much success! You sound like your doing better then you think, really.

MusingMom6 said...

Hello! I didn't notice the picture when I was here before. Is that a date book? Where did you find it? One of the things I am trying to accomplish this year is to create a planner that has room for everything I need on a daily basis. I have a really good start.

What guide are you using to kick PCOS in the butt? I will have to think back what I did. I've been through homeopathic and naturopathic treatments.

marye~ said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment MM6. The book pictured on this post is a diet and fitness journal. I found it at Book A Million; it's the only book store we have in town. If you're interested, they have a site, it's
I'm not kicking PCOS's arse. If you have any suggestion beyond exercise and diet I'd love to hear them.

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