Sunday, November 7, 2010

Serving Others

What does it mean to serve others? My DH works in the hospitality industry. He is there to serve five days a week for twelve or more hours a day. He's out there serving others on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day when I’d like to have him all to myself. Of course he’s great at what he does, no matter how tired or frustrated he’s feeling, he make the customer feel special by serving them.

Our pastor, Eddie, recently preached on what Jesus said about service to others. He said that there will be no glory, no power, no honor or privilege. He uses words like deny yourself and lose your life. I think that’s why so many of us are resistant to going out there and serving. In John Ed Mathison’s book, Treasures of the Transformed Life he says that 20% of the people in the church do 80% of the work. How can we say we’re willing to launch into the life God has for us when we don’t do what He has told us needs to be done?

We make following Jesus about all sorts of things. We hear people say that we have to have certain political views if we are Christians, but Jesus is not about political power. Some people think they’re morally superior or they try and participate in the right activities, but they are completely missing the point.

Eddie told a story about his father repairing a boat motor that had been given to him because he thought of himself as a handyman. He told us how his dad had to lower the motor into an oil drum filled with water to watch it churn the water because they didn’t own a boat. Those people that are telling us how to vote, or where to spend our time, money and energy all in the name of God are doing just what that boat motor did in that oil drum, they are churning the water.

Jesus is not talking about some church sanctioned project either. Not that there’s anything wrong with serving through the Rice and Beans Ministry, or leading Vacation Bible School with the Navajo Nation Ministry Mission, but servant-hood is not a project, it’s a lifestyle. Servant-hood is not about where you think you should be tomorrow, it starts right where you are today, and it’s defiantly not about you. Ask yourself, what can I do today to be of service to those I love and to those I don’t love and stop churning the water.

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Pat said...

I like this one ..very thoughtful..Jesus most definitely tried to stay out of politics and said to love one another..acccept each other..he preached kindness and tolerance not fear

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” mahatma gandhi