Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Distracted Driving

I have a friend that was seriously injured in this car accident recently because, the other driver (that ran a red light and plowed into my friends truck) was texting. Just weeks before that, it could have been me that cause that wreck. Yes, I am guilty of texting while driving, I admit it. I don't even have a good excuse, because the reality is, there is no reason that anyone should text and drive.

I read an article that reported that 81 percent of people in the US admit to texting while driving in their vehicle. Did you know that there are only eight states that prohibit using handheld devices while driving? Only seven are primary enforcement laws, which means that the police can pull you over without there being another traffic offence. Twenty eight states prohibit novice drivers from using cell phones while 30 stats ban texting while operating a mother vehicle.

Until the law catches up with technology, it has to be our responsibility to say no to text messaging while driving. While I'm not a huge Oprah fan, I am aware that she is against distracted driving. In fact, she has a pledge that you can sign that says you won't text and drive. I've agreed not to text and drive, won't you?


keepingupwiththekids said...

This was very insightful. My oldest just received her permit and we have taught her not to even answer her phone while she is driving, so I am trying to lead by doing the same.

Julie said...

I totally agree with and will whole-heartedly support any legislation preventing texting and driving. Turns out he wasn't texting...just driving 75mph weaving in and out of traffic when he ran the red light and plowed into Sid's truck. It's estimated Sid was driving 30mph when he was hit. Still wrong.

jayedee said...

i must be getting old...i simply don't get the whole 'texting' thing.
why would you want to text when you could have an actual conversation? i know, i know...totally resistant to change lol
it's a great post, mar, keep up the good work!

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