Monday, February 25, 2008

The Suburban Farmer Girl

Good morning, the girls are getting anxious to see Ladybug.

Here she is getting the food ready.

There's nothing cuter that a Ladybug in jammies and galoshes.

Having to get fresh water is her least favorite part of taking care of the chickens.

She has to go all the way down to the well and pump the water by hand.

Then she has to carry that 50 pound bucket of water back to the barn which is 3 miles away and up hill to boot.

After she get the chickens feed and watered she's just exhausted.

But she never forget to look the gate.

Then the chickens are free to eat and drink and poop!

Don't you wish you had some of your own?


3rsandahug said...

What a great helper! From what I hear, fresh eggs like yours are so much better than store-bought. It has to be worth all that work.

jayedee said...

young daniel (14 yesterday) is my right hand man with the animals. i couldn't do without him, that's for sure! some days i'm sure he'd rather not have any animals at all, but for the most part, he is awesome!

Kelly said...

I love that. We have the same outfit! Jammies and rubber boots :)

Angie said...

Ugh. I'm with Ladybug. Hauling water is the worst job.

Why does it seem like the water always needs to be filled when it's my turn to do chores?? Hmmmm.

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