Tuesday, January 29, 2008

oh shit!

I've been working on a post that I had planned on publishing this morning except I spent the past hour and a half cleaning out the chickens coop. We had been using straw in a deep bedding method, but with all the rain, water had started to creep in the edges of the coop and the straw has gotten wet. Our coop is well ventilated, but wet poopy straw is bad, very bad.
As I was raking up the stuff I actually had to leave and start heaving. For those of you who don't have chickens, may I recommend you find a friend or neighbor with chickens and ask them if you can clean out their chicken coop. This is an experience everyone should get to enjoy.
Oh, by the way I forgot to mention that it was 65 degrees at 7:30 this morning so I was working up quite a sweat that just added to the excitement of sliding around in mud, 6 inches of straw and chicken shit!
I replaced the straw with rice hulls, about 4 cubic feet to be exact. The coop looks so nice and smells so much better. I'm off to soak in a bath. Have a pleasant day all.


Julie said...

Sounds gross. Enjoy a good soak in the tub!

jayedee said...

oh crap is right! lol
enjoy your soak and when you have a chance, check out the new giveaway on my blog!

dlyn said...

My first visit to your great blog, but I will be bookmarking you for more visits. I kind of miss having chickens, but I don't miss cleaning [or smelling] the coop. Chicken poop is the most pungent on the planet I think.

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