Monday, January 7, 2008

Boys will be boys?

Trying to look back over the past couple of weeks just wears me out. Manchild is grounded again. He got grounded right after Christmas for 1) sneaking and playing his Nintendo DS after he was told to put it away, 2) running off to a friends without telling an adult, 3)sneaking and playing with his bow and arrow without adult supervision and 4) not coming home when he was told to do so. Now he's grounded for 1) playing in the creek after being told not to go near the water and 2) coming home late. Oh how I love to be the big mean momma.
My momma laughed at me and reminded me of all the trouble I got into. My favorite father-in-law laughed and told me of all the trouble my favorite husband got into at Manchild's age. Is all that supposed to comfort me or just drive me over the edge!?!
I'm tired of hearing that boys will be boys. What exactly does that mean? Am I supposed to just laugh it off and let him run wild? How will he ever grow into an intelligent, loving adult if I let him run wild? Ugh!!!!!!!
People support me on this, please. I think he needs to learn to follow directions and to make safe decisions. Playing in a creek, shooting a bow and arrow, and running off the a friends house whenever he please doesn't make any sense. At the rate he's going he'll never see adulthood.
Forgive my rant, but children need direction!


3rsandahug said...

You're right - children need direction, boundaries, even discipline. Yet their nature is to push against and resist those very things!
Sure, you and your husband may have been in just as much trouble when you were his age, but did your parents just shrug it off, or did they insist on something better and persist in giving you direction?
A friend of mine just yesterday was telling me how he and his wife have decided to not focus on what they expect their children to become, not on the behavior they see now. That doesn't mean they don't correct the behavior, but they don't keep their focus on it. I think that kind of focus can help me when I wonder if my boy is ever going to grow out of some of those behaviors that drive me nuts!

jayedee said...

you are absolutely 100% right! kids needs boundries. but they will push those limits as often as they can...can't put an old head on young shoulders, can we? LOL
our parents survived us, and we will survive ours (i hope) and if all else fails, give 'em a whopping dose of the mother's curse! (i hope you have a dozen just like YOU) lol

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Anonymous said...

You are right. In no uncertain terms, you are right. All those things are dangerous, and he should be punished, but really, in the back of your mind, aren't you really a little bit happy that you have a NORMAL, happy little boy that gets into a little trouble, and not some sissy that does everything that he is told? PS. Sorry I missed your visit. Come home again soon. AJ

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