Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I've often been ask by parents whose children are in public/private school; why are you homeschooling your children? I'm never taken off guard by the question just surprised that they'd ask. I wonder if they truly want to know or if their just making polite conversation. I don't homeschool for just one simple reason.

There are a lot of complicated factors that lead me to this path. But if you really want to know here are my top ten reasons:

1) Schools tend to have an atmosphere that is overly controlling; lining up kids, moving them around like herds of cattle, and a disciplining them inappropriately for the problematic behavior. At home children are able express their individual personalities and only receive the appropriate amount of discipline for the infraction.

2) Schools have an institutionalized environment. At home children are loved and nurtured.

3) Schools spoon feed children what they want them to know. As our children grow they will have the opportunity to experience self-directed learning. They will acquire the basic skill to learn independently.

4 )In the school setting children are exposed to outside influences that may not be safe. Examples of such concerns are bullying, cussing, fighting negative influencing of peers, and illegal drug use. Many times these factors are over-looked or unseen by school officials. At home we have the ability to mold our children and shape them with high moral standards, and to teach them right from wrong. In other words we are able to be their parents.

5) Schools have set schedules. We are able to study each subject when the time is right, travel if need be, hold ‘class’ during the hot summer months and enjoy the out-of-doors when the weather is pleasant. Flexibility is one of the perks of schooling at home.

6) Schools are admittedly producing poor quality students.

7) There is violence in the school. The teachers and staff are unable to protect the students.

8) The courts have ruled that once you drop your child off at the door of the school you no longer have a right to direct your child’s education.

9) I for one don’t want my children taught sexually suggestive materials.

10) I have had more than one mother ask me how can you stand to be around your children all day? Simple, I love my children and enjoy being around them.

If you have any reasons you'd like to share, please feel free, I'd love to hear what you have to say.


Kelly said...

I agree with everything you have written. This are oretty much the same reasons we homeschool. Plus FREEDOM. Our children's hours are their own. We do follow a bit of curriculum for Math and Grammar and things like that, but do alot of unit studies and BOOKS. Our children's days are not filled up with someone else's agenda and schedules. We have plenty of time for their interests. My daughter is very interested in sailing and just got out tons of books and wants to take lessons in the spring with her dad. She has lots of time and energy to pursue that. She is also writing a novel and I know that if she went to public school,. she wouldnt have the time or energy to even want tow rite (not that some kids dont, but I think it is s astruggle just to get homework done).

So, basically freedom!

Ann said...

I am so impressed with moms that homeschool their kids. I have quite a few friends who do it, and I'm just floored with their patience and dedication.

I don't homeschool my son. I don't have the patience. I'm a slug.

Keep up the good work!

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