Friday, November 23, 2007

The three R's

and no I'm not talking about reading, 'riting and, 'rithmetic. I'm talking about Reduce, Reuses and Recycle. There is a fourth R, it's rethink. That is the order in which we should approach waste minimisation. The whole point is to reduce the amount of waste. That can be as simple as installing energy star light bulbs, recycling your newspapers, glass containers and plastic. You could even have a compost heap, put your baby in cloth diapers or just turn off the light when your not in the room. For more ideas go here. For the resourceful moms out there try making a mini green house with your kids. To find our how go here.


Kelly said...

There has been a whole lot of talk around here about the environment, greenhouse gas emissions etc.... My daughter is very into learning about Carbon Dioxide and trees right now. We have always been a "turn off the lights" and recycling family, but there`are always other things that can be done. Thanks for the link!

Ann said...

Speaking of recycling....our recycling goes out every Thursday....except on Thanksgiving. So now, our recycle bin is overflowing, and it's only Monday.

I may have to sneak some recyclables into the neighbor's bin this week.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” mahatma gandhi