Saturday, November 17, 2007


As I was sitting in the back yard watching the leaves being blow around by the breeze I got to thinking about all my friends. All but two or three of them are people that I have met since being married with children. I know them from church and they live very similar lives. But as I was watching the leaves scatter, I thought about all the places my friends have scattered off to. I have one friend who lived in Hawaii for a while that is currently in Germany. Another friend lived in California before going back to her home state of Texas. One lived in Texas for a while, but now lives outside of Washington DC. Another lives in Texas and still and another in Louisiana. We have lived in Florida and Louisiana before coming here to the Natural State. It’s interesting how the breeze scatters us and yet we are all still friends. Unique and yet still all the same.
I can’t wait to go visit my friends in Hattiesburg for the holidays, but I will be sad not to see all those who have moved off. Here's to those who won't be home for the holidays, you will be missed.


Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing you and catching up!

Kelly said...

Holidays can be tough thinking about those who are missed. Friends moving away is never easy. Christmas and Thanksgiving sure make you remember how blessed friendship is :)

Doobiewah said...

We can't wait to see you here in Swan City! So, let me know a night when we can all catch up, OK? We can do it at my house if you want. I always decorate the day after Thanksgiving - so maybe we can do something Friday night - just let me know what works for you!

Ann said...

beautiful post. the leaf analogy is very fitting.

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