Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not just a conscientious bystander

I am a Christian, but find myself ashamed to admit it because of many evangelical groups that don't show the nonjudgmental, love of Jesus Christ. Recently a Christian pastor called for the boycott of Starbucks because of the support the coffee house gave to gay and lesbian marriages in Washington state. Even Rick Santorum goes around saying that gay relationships don't benefit society. It just so happens that he's wrong. I have gay and lesbian friends that are professors, nurses, authors and friends who have adopted children that no one else would. They are also registered voters. I am outraged each and every time I hear of another hate group bullying the underdog in the name of Christian values. I wish I could be more like Ellen DeGeneres and show grace under these difficult situations. Now, to all of those haters out there, Ellen has the same values I wish to pass along to my children, not your judgemental ideals and intimidating behavior. So, because of JCPenny standing up to One Million Moms' bullying tactics, I too will show my support by shopping at Penny's Department store and Nike, Google, Microsoft,Starbucks and any other company that shows true Christian values. I hope you will show your support too. Here's a clip from Ellen's show talking about JCPenny and the One Million Moms. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


TheCoffeeLady said...

Totally agree.

Kerry Fountain said...

Kudos! I am giving you a standing ovation for your views because I feel the same! It is time that those of us who are usually quiet to stand up and state our opinions.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” mahatma gandhi