Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Old Fashion Fair

As a child I remember getting ready and going to the state fair in Jackson, Mississippi. I loved looking at all the bright lights and colors on the midway. My favorite ride was the tilt-a-whirl. I couldn't wait to ride it with my dad. My mom usually stood and watched as we rode the fast spinning rides. She was more the ferris wheel type. I never under stood that until I turned green while riding the tilt-a-whirl with my daughter. Now I watch as my husband rides the fast rides with the kids, I'm more the ferris wheel type these days.

This week is the county fair. County fairs are really the perfect place to show off what you've been doing and to have a good time. That is unless a hurricane has dumped copious amount of rain on your partially paved fair grounds.

This is our second year to enter chickens in the fair. Last year the kids entered four of our original six barnyard chickens. This year they entered six of the new girls. My darling daughter entered a Dominique, a Barred Rock and an Americana. My sweet boyd entered a Buff Brahma, a Production Red and a Golden Laced Wyandot. They won three blue ribbons and three red ribbons.

The kids also entered some of the canned goods, dried peppers and eggs winning a total of seven blue ribbons and three second place ribbons. My husband won blue ribbons on his banana peppers and chili peppers. I was lucky enough to get a blue ribbon on my okra and a second place ribbon on my beans. I also entered some photos. I won one blue ribbon, three second place and one third place ribbon. Obviously everyone wins something.

My son not only won a blue ribbon with Disco (the Buff Brahma), but he won grand champion. We are all so happy for him.


Anonymous said...

I remember Daddy taking us to the State Fair-- he actually took us out of school to go!! He told us we would probably learn more that day than what we would learn in school in one day.
I got my handwriting analyzed, saw how moonshine was made, and saw how molasses syrup was made w/ mules pulling the "juicer".
That was 2nd/3rd grade. I can't hardly remember what my 2nd/3rd grade teacher's name was,but I remember the state fair!!!
Now, they take busloads of schoolchildren to the state fair every year. But I'd rather go w/ my Daddy, still!

Anonymous said...

O-- I forgot to leave my name on the last comment-- It's me-- Tina.

Those pics are great!! Yall need to go to the state fair in Ark. We went when we lived there-- BIG 4h/livestock/produce competition there.

Congrats on all the blue/red ribbons--what a prizewinning family yall are!!!

When you went to the state fair in MS, did they have all of the livestock/produce/canning competition things there?? I don't remember anything like that growing up. They didn't have it in our small county fair either (Yazoo).
But in Stuttgart Ark-- that county fair had a huge competition for livestock/produce etc. And also here, in Laurel, they have lots of livestock/produce etc. Just wondering. See ya Tina said...

Totally cool! First of all -- congratulations but secondly -- I loved the fair pictures! Some of my best memories come from visits to the fair!



Julie said...

Those are great pictures! Congratulations on all the awards! :)

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