Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Night's Storm

Hello all, As you may have heard our little town was hit by a tornado last night. It touched down about 1 1/2 miles (as the crow flies) from our house. That tornado also hit a trailer park and two neighborhoods in our area. Friends from church, including our pastor, and homeschool friends have had damage to their homes. The other storms that passed through last night and the ones going through today are bringing a lot a rain that we just don't need. Part of our neighborhood is under water and one road, 1/4 mile from our house, is under water (see picture below). My favorite husband drove into work, a trip that usually takes 20 minutes, took 1 12 hours this morning. He reported back to me that an area north of here is flooded and that part of the highway is closed in Little Rock. I haven't been out, and don't intend to go at this point, but when we do venture out I will try and post pictures.

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Farm Chick Paula said...

Wow- hope everybody in your neck of the woods is o.k.- we're just having rain right now (and lots of it) but we're supposed to be getting some pretty bad storms here in east Tenn. later on tonight. Stay safe!

Wisteria said...

I wondered if that was you! I'm glad you are all right.

Kelly said...

That is so terrifying. Keep us updated!

Angie said...

I wondered about you when I saw the news. My dad has a house in Hot Springs.

So glad you weren't hit/damaged. Hope the floods stay away and you are through the worst of it!

Good luck.

Karen said...

Glad you're OK. Praying for all the others who had homes damaged. Hope the floodwaters go down soon!

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