Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Morning

Look what we woke up to this morning!

and our poor trees were just starting to bud.

The kids were only slightly impressed.

We're off to make molasses-snow candy. Check out my kitchen blog later for the recipe.


Angie said...

Welcome to my world, girl! Sorry if that didn't sound sympathetic - but I get a little bitter this time of year. Spring can not happen fast enough - we have had winter from 'you know where'.

Cute pic of the kids.

jennifer said...

That's exactly what we woke up to here also! Now there's about 2 more inches of ice. Fun times.

jayedee said...

jealous! jealous! jealous! i am so jealous of your snow! *sighs*
be sure to stop over at my blog today and check out the new spring giveaway i'm going to post! it's a good 'un!

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