Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flat Twilight Adventure Tours

How many of you know about Flat Stanly? If you aren't familiar with the book and the character check it out here. He's this cute little kid that flattens himself out and travels through the mail. Teachers, scouts troops, and even parents use him as an opportunity to teach kids about different places. They simply mail Stanly (a paper doll) and have the recipient take pictures or mail post cards at each location.
As many of you already know, I am one of those TwiMoms. I have to admit I think Stephenie Meyer's did a phenomenal job of speaking to women of all ages when she decide to put her dream down on paper. That being said, I didn't care as much for the movies as I did for the books.
On a recent trip to Seattle, for my husbands high school reunion, my sister-in-law and I convinced our husbands to take us to Forks, WA. Being that I don't think you're ever too old to jump on the band wagon, I flattened some of my Twitter/Twilight friends and took them along on the adventure.

Here they are!

LovesSam, KatieBMundiMom, KatzNi, and KatarinasMama.

They're all buckled up for the trip.

We had to take the ferry over the Puget Sound.

Our first stop was in Port Angeles.

We had to see where Bella ate mushroom ravioli with Edward.

The Bloated Toad where they ate in the movie is located in St. Helens, Oregon according to AssociatedContent.com.

This is Bella Italia where they ate in the book.

After a bit of a drive, we finally made it to Forks.
Population 3,120 humans and 7 vampires.

Our first stop was here at Bella's house.

Don't the girls look disappointed?

This isn't the house we all saw on the big screen is it?

The house used in the movie is actually in St. Helens, Oregon according to AssociatedContent.com and looks like this,


We discovered that Forks High School had been razed, but as you guessed the movie version of the high school was actually Kalama High School, in Kalama, Washington. The sign seen here is the one that was used in the movie, but was moved when the building was destroyed.
Say hello to my flat friends.

I did not find out any information about the hospital. If you know anything please share.
This reserved parking spot is actually in the parking lot of the Forks Hospital.
My flat friends wouldn't miss the opportunity to get their picture taken with Dr Cullen if they could have, but this is a close as they could get on this day.

The Forks Police Station shown in the movie is actually the Wauna Federal Credit Union in Vernonia, Oregon.
This pictures was taken of one of the actual Forks Police cars at the police station.
Notice the girls didn't hesitate to hop up on the car.

Good thing no one was looking.

Here is Bella's truck in front of the Chamber of Commerce.

This truck resembles the one in the movie. It seems that I read somewhere that it was found by someone in Forks and donated to help with tourism, but I can't be sure about that.

Of course, my flat friends still wanted their picture taken on the truck.

As you'll notice I didn't take a picture of the Cullen's house. Why you may ask, because the B&B that was tag as the Cullens house didn't resemble the house used in the movie. The house featured in the move is actually the real home of the Nike Director of footwear design, John Hoke and is located in Portland, OR.

We were so excited on the drive up because there was enough cloud cover to let all the vampires run around town without fear of detection, but as we got closer the sun started to shine through and any hopes of seeing Edward or his family were dashed.

As I had buckled my flat friends in I felt like I was being watched.

I stepped into the edge of the woods and guess who I saw? That's right Flat Edward was watching me. I just gave him a little peck on the cheek before we had to leave.

Please don't tell my flat friends that I met Flat Edward. *wink*


Raderstorf Family said...

that was a darling post..and looks like fun vacation too!

Julie said...

Flat Edward...lol! Looks like you and your flat friends had an awesome time! :)

Anonymous said...

How very creative! I want to go next time!!!! Take me..pleeeeeaaase!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! love it Marye! I liked the real Bella house instead of the one in the movie. It's more like I pictured it.

None of your flat friends fell in the toilet like flat Mary Lou did during the Navajo trip, did they?

See ya, Tina

Sarah said...

Wow! You did a great job narrating our adventures! I had so much fun with you and the girls (and the husbands).

katarinas mama said...

Oooooh, this was so fun!!! And that picture with the light coming through the trees...*sigh*..."How old are you?"...."Seventeen..."..."How long have you been seventeen?"..."A while..." Love it!!! Thank you again. I feel like I was there...no really!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for not taking me mom.

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