Monday, November 30, 2009

What happened to Christmas?

I am so sick and tired of the buy, buy, buy mentality that so many people have.
George Carlin does this great bit on people and their stuff.

Honestly, is that what Christmas is all about? Our church did a sermon series on
Unwrapping Christmas. Before the service started they played this video:

It's from the Advent Conspiracy web site where they pose the question,
What happened to Christmas? I encourage you to check it out.

Our minister spoke on Beyond the Feast. He brought up that fact that we all get caught up in buying products and services because of the promises that are made, but when the gadget, food, movie or other object doesn't live up to the promise we are back out there looking for more.
Those promises are never truly going to fulfill us; we gorge ourselves asking the question: is there something more? The answer is yes! There is something more, but we can't find it at Target or the grocery store. We need to use our sight, not our eyes, to guide us, to change our hearts so that we can move into action and make lasting changes in our lives. So that we can
find that lasting hope.
I call you into action, make a difference this holiday season and stop
buying all that stuff.


Julie said...

I loved that video at the start of the service! I've seen where several of the church folk have become fans of the Advent Conspiracy website.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to acknowledge until Dec. 1st...!!! no lights on my house as of yet... probably won't be until after finals either ;-("

Anonymous said...

definitely made an impact on me!

Anonymous said...

Awesome – well put, marye

katarinas mama said...

Excellent reminder! Thank you for the video links. So so so true.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” mahatma gandhi