Friday, April 24, 2009

Sam Bradlley Live

After listened to Classic Rock for the past IDK how many years, I finally broke free of the Grateful Dead rut I was in and started listing to more modern Indy Rock music. May people who haven't known me for very long would be surprised that I had such narrow musical taste. Others, that have known me for years, can't believe how eclectic my current playlist has become. I can't contribute my recent open-mindedness to any one event, but I am enjoying the freedom to download copious amount of music on my Zune.

I have written about Sam Bradley and my love of his music before. I have also seen YouTube clips and downloaded free MP3 songs from ReverNation. I've known that he puts on shows in the Vancouver area where he lives, but being here in the deep south I seriously doubted I'd ever get to see him.

Then it happened, I read on his MySpace blog, that he was going to be in Nashville. Well, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to drive a mere 350 miles to see him perform in the intimate setting of 3rd and Lindsley.

Yes, the show was incredible. Sam got on stage at 8p and played non stop for an hour. He was funny, charming and very personable.


I was also able to see him in NOLA at the House of Blues several month later, and he was just as gracious and wonderful as he was in Nashville.


Shasta said...

Sounds like so much fun. I LOVE to hear LIVE music in an intimate setting. 350 miles?? You go girl!

katarinas mama said...

OMG. He's adorable. Funny. Talented. And did I say funny? And comfortable on stage. And that will be your profile pic for a Good Long Time, girl, for a Good Long Time.

Anonymous said...

He is HAWT!!! Glad you had a great time! Looks like you did-- and you got an autograph to boot. What fun-- can you say road trip??

Ha-- my word verification is wooku. See ya Tina

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'll see you later this week! :) JB

Anonymous said...

Your video & pics are incredible! SR

Anonymous said...

Girl, you rock. You do. And umm, like the use of the word "eclectic" just heard it mentioned last night in reference to your musical tastes, babe!

Anonymous said...

I so wish I was there!!! HD

Anonymous said...

Well, Hells''s like I'm there...He's just one sexy boy isn't he?? And talented. And funny. And getting very comfortable now on stage. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Your video & pics are incredible!

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